PDC Portico® PD-M4-20B Mobile Direct Thermal Printer

PDC Portico PD-M4-20B Mobile Direct Thermal Printer with Bluetooth Connectivity MFi

Brand: PDC
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Manufacturer: PDC
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PDC + Code

PDC® and Code® are both Brady® companies dedicated to offering a one-stop shop for ID solutions. PDC printers pair well with Code scanners, and customers can now work with one Code partner to meet all of their unique scanning and printing needs.

Reliable Printing

Robust mobile direct thermal printer for healthcare application

  • Robust & reliable, patient care on the go
  • Bluetooth, USB
  • Battery operated
  • 5-ft drop rating
  • 1-year warranty coverage

Portico PD-M4-20B: 4" class, Bluetooth & USB, 203 dpi, max OD: 2.65". Part # PD-M4-20BA1000


Purchase Options

Available through Code sales channels in the U.S. only

All purchases are done through one of our many sales partner companies. Code is happy to help consult with you to determine the best partner for your specific needs, project detail and industry.