CR7000 Series

The Code Reader™ 7000 (CR7000) series battery backup cases are built for the mobile workforce. For most healthcare, retail and logistics facilities around the world, mobility is an increasingly important attribute. Mobility offers both increased efficiency for point-of-care, point-of-sale and logistics teams, and the opportunity to significantly cut costs. Increased efficiency and cost-cutting sound great, but is there a downside to mobility?

Yes, a big one: patient and employee safety. Because it allows for full clinical sanitization protocols, both of the CR7000 series devices gives you both mobility and patient or employee safety in any environment.

Brand: Code
Product Models: CR7000 Series
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Manufacturer: Code Corporation
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A mobile device used in a healthcare setting needs to be able to withstand the same chemical disinfection protocol any other piece of medical equipment undergoes. Without some kind of case for protection, a phone wouldn't last six months depending on the severity of chemical baths. So where's the cost-cutting savings? These pocket computers are on track to replace expensive computer workstations and all the additional peripherals they require, including barcode scanning hardware. You can scan (using soft-scanning software and the mobile device camera), chart, verify, and document from a single mobile device running a mobile health information system (HIS).

A mobile device used in a retail or logistics setting also needs to be able to withstand disinfection protocols and occasional drops. With many employees using the device to scan and manage sales and inventory, the cases provide protection for both scenarios and keep employees and devices safe.

In any environment, protecting your mobile investment with a fully-enclosed battery backup case extends device longevity. If you are looking to leverage the mobile power of iPhone devices in your facilities, you can protect your patients, employees, and devices with CR7000 series cases. Full enclosure means full protection unlike the partial protection offered by most consumer-grade cases.

The CR7000 series cases offer bi-directional data pass-through and an easily swappable, external battery power that more than doubles the life of your phone and a flexible battery charging system that includes multiple options for battery charging stations. Each battery's charge status is clearly indicated, eliminating guesswork.


All purchases are done through one of our many sales partner companies. Code is happy to help consult with you to determine the best partner for your specific needs, project detail and industry.

Product Features

CR7020 specific features

  • CR7020 - Bi-directional data pass-through
  • CR7020 - 5 or 10-bay battery chargers with configurations for any workspace
  • CR7020 - Quick, hot-swappable 2,700 mAh external battery
  • CR7020 - Dragontrail™ screen protector
  • CR7020 - Secure and sealed, protects against damage as well as water and debris
  • CR7020 - CodeShield® Level 3 PVC-Free disinfectant-ready plastics
  • CR7020 - Compatible with iPhone 8 and iPhone SE (2020)
  • CR7020 - Code Complete service and extended warranty plans
  • CR7020 - Smart battery shows battery health with a visible fuel gauge
  • CR7020 - With iPhone, withstands multiple drops of 4’ (1.2 meters) to concrete

CR7010 specific features

  • CR7010 - Code Complete service and warranty plan
  • CR7010 - Compatible with iPhone 8/SE and iPhone XR/11
  • CR7010 - With iPhone, withstands multiple drops of 4’ (1.2 meters) to concrete
  • CR7010 - Secured and sealed, protects against damage as well as water and debris
  • CR7010 - 1-bay case & battery charger or 10-bay battery chargers provide great workspace options
  • CR7010 - CodeShield® Level 2 PVC-Free disinfectant-ready plastics
  • CR7010 - Case shows battery health with a visible charge status indicator
  • CR7010 - Quick, hot-swappable 2,100 mAh external battery
  • CR7010 - Sealable micro USB port for bi-directional data pass-through and charging

Product Software

Looking to customize your barcode reader's function or its data parsing ability? Is it time for a firmware update? You have landed in the right place. Just click the link option below and you will be off and running.

These customizable options, features, and updates for your Code barcode scanners are a direct result of how our engineering team listens to the ideas and needs our users have. If you don’t see an option that fits your scanning needs, we are more than happy to customize one for you.